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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery May 1, 2014
Ergot prevention in cereal crops
Affecting all cereal crops except oats, ergot produces mycotoxins that are extremely toxic to humans and livestock. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Developments says there are numerous viable sclerotia currently present in the soil from last year, so it is important to consider preventive control methods to avoid an infestation in 2014.
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2014 principal field crop report
Farmers expect to plant less wheat in 2014 than they seeded in 2013, while both soybean and dry field pea areas are forecasted to increase, according to Statistics Canada’s latest farm survey.
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Know your minimum germination temperatures
Soil temperature is a useful gauge for timing when crops are seeded. If the soil is too cool, germination can be delayed which can result in uneven or inadequate seedling emergence.
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Solid seeded dry bean research
Dry beans are currently the second highest valued irrigated crop on a per acre basis in Alberta, and average 45,000 to 50,000 acres annually. Until recently, dry beans have been traditionally grown under wide-row cropping systems, but some growers are moving to narrow-row solid seeded bean production.
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Farmers stuck with last harvest struggle to plant next
Western Canadian farmers still stuck with last year’s harvest are turning to the government for credit help in record numbers, and insiders fear problems could cascade through the agricultural economy as the new planting season gets under way.
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Saskatchewan wins oilseed trade challenge
The Saskatchewan government has won the latest round of an internal trade challenge with Quebec in a decision that, if upheld, will mean major new access to the Quebec market for Saskatchewan oilseed producers and processors.
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