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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery April 24, 2014
New clubroot data reinforces need for vigilant field scouting
New data indicates some forms of clubroot resistance are no longer functioning well against a possible new clubroot pathotype in the Edmonton region. The Canola Council of Canada is advising canola growers and agronomists to scout their clubroot resistant varieties this summer with extra effort and vigilance.
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Fusarium management under irrigation
In southern Alberta, Fusarium graminearum is frequently the species found in greatest abundance and is of greatest concern on irrigated land. Although F. Graminearum is only one of many species of Fusarium, it is considered the most important in irrigated crop production in southern Alberta due to the effects on grain yield, grain quality and ability to produce several different toxins.
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Foliar fungicide and seed treatment update
Top Crop Manager presents its annual list of new foliar fungicide and seed treatment registrations and label updates for the 2014 growing season.
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Four new canola hybrids for Western Canada
DuPont Pioneer has introduced four new canola hybrids with features ranging from built-in clubroot and sclerotinia resistance to early maturity.
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