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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery March 27, 2014
Canadian weed scientists honoured
Dr. Neil Harker of AAFC, Dr. Darren Robinson from the University of Guelph, and Ken Sapsford with the University of Saskatchewan were recognized for their extraordinary contributions to the field of weed science.
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International buyers concerned about grain shipments
Canada’s grain shipments were a concern at a recent meeting in Singapore, according to the president of the Grain Growers of Canada.
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Hold off on spraying cereal leaf beetle
A tiny little wasp is turning out to be a farmer’s best friend. Researchers with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) discovered the parasitoid wasp, Tetrastichus julis, shortly after the cereal leaf beetle was found in Western Canada.
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Sask. easing road weight restrictions for farmers
In response to the backlog in grain movement, Saskatchewan is easing seasonal weight restrictions on some highways, but only for agricultural commodities.
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Manitoba eases road restrictions
Manitoba is making a special one-time amendment to spring weight restriction policy on provincial roads to enable farmers to get their grain to market.
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The colour of clean
Over the last five years, optical colour sorters have been springing up at seed cleaning plants on the Prairies. This computerized technology rapidly and accurately removes impurities – including problems like ergot – that are different in colour from the crop being processed.
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