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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery March 13, 2014
Saskatchewan spring runoff forecast for March
Central Saskatchewan, from Saskatoon and North Battleford to Prince Albert and Melfort, is expected to see an above normal to well above normal runoff in certain areas.
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Stripe rust management in wheat crops
Application timing is key to fungicide effectiveness with stripe rust. But changes in pathogen resistance and differences in variety resistance to stripe rust pathogens can raise questions regarding fungicide application.
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Fighting a yield robber
Heat tolerance is a complex trait that is vital for successful field pea production on the Prairies. Saskatchewan researchers are delving into this complexity and identifying some key characteristics to enable pea cultivars to reach their full yield potential despite hot spells.
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Carbon Credit Solutions launches carbon bank
Carbon Credit Solutions (CCSI), involved in the field of carbon credit aggregation, is launching a carbon bank. The CCSI Carbon Bank allows CCSI’s clients to bank their carbon credits for future sale.
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