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Top Crop Manager
More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery March 6, 2014
Manitoba spring flood outlook
Manitoba’s preliminary 2014 spring flood outlook suggests, without additional significant precipitation between now and the spring thaw, the potential for a spring flood is below or near normal in most areas.
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Goss’s wilt moving in
Goss’s wilt bacteria are likely to become permanent residents on every cornfield in Western Canada in the next decade or two.
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'Dire situation' facing grain farmers
Manitoba Keystone Agricultural Producers, Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and Alberta Federation of Agriculture met with Transport Minister Lisa Raitt last week to discuss what they call the dire situation facing grain farmers.
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Dicamba-tolerant soybean moving forward
Soybean growers will have to wait another year or two before they have the option of using a soybean cultivar that is resistant to both glyphosate and dicamba.
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