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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery February 20, 2014
Farmers split on Agricultural Growth Act
Two major farmers’ groups in Canada are split on whether restrictions on seed use in the federal government's Agricultural Growth Act are good or bad for farmers, according to a story by the CBC.
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Manitoba Canola Growers launch Pathogen Surveillance Initiative
A grower-led effort, the first project of the Initiative will focus on technologies for the detection of low concentrations of clubroot in Manitoba.
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Defend against tough-to-control weeds with confidence.

BASF and Monsanto have once again partnered to optimize weed control through the use of multiple modes of action and are offering growers a $0.50/acre discount on select Roundup® agricultural herbicides when purchased with matching acres of HEAT® and/or DISTINCT® herbicides.*

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*The Roundup Transorb® HC, Roundup Ultra2®, HEAT and DISTINCT offer off-invoice discount acres will be calculated using the following label rates: One case of HEAT = 640 acres (one jug of HEAT = 80 acres), one case of DISTINCT = 80 acres (one jug of DISTINCT = 40 acres), Roundup Transorb HC 0.67L = 1 acre (10L = 15acres, 115 L = 172 acres, 450L = 675 acres, 800L = 1,200 acres), Roundup Ultra2 0.67L = 1 acre (10L = 15acres, 115 L = 172 acres, 450L = 675 acres, 800L = 1,200 acres). Predetermine the compatibility of tank mixtures by mixing small proportional quantities in advance.


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Nutrient loss is significant in snowmelt runoff
Changing freeze-thaw cycles have Canadian researchers studying the structure of frozen soils and comparing nutrient loss in rainfall and snowmelt runoff.
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Shallow rooted pulses perfect for crop rotations
Numerous studies since 2006 have shown that most pulses have the majority of their roots between 0 and 60 cm depth, but wheat, canola and mustard can reach deeper. Many farmers are now using the knowledge of rooting profiles and water use efficiency to plan their rotations.
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Farm income forecast for 2013 and 2014
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada predicts that Canadian farmers’ net income in 2013 and 2014 will remain at the historically high levels seen in recent years.
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