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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery February 13, 2014
Ottawa reviewing 23 pesticides after pressure from environmental group
The pesticides that will be studied are found in 360 different products widely available for consumer and industrial use in Canada. They include 2,4-D — an active ingredient in 140 different products.
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Saskatchewan early forecast for spring runoff
Overall, winter precipitation ranges from below average in the southeast to well above average in the Prince Albert region. Fall precipitation in the 30 days before freeze-up was generally below normal with the exception of central Saskatchewan, which was above normal.
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TeeJet AI3070: Best Tip for Fungicide Application

The AI3070 utilizes a unique, patent-pending design optimized specifically for fungicide application. The 30° forward tilted spray penetrates dense crop canopies, while 70° backward tilted spray maximizes coverage of the seed head for excellent disease control. Air induction technology produces larger droplets to reduce drift. Why risk reduced yield? Contact TeeJet today and learn more about the AI3070 spray tip.

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New features for Sask Crop Insurance Program
Improvements to the Crop Insurance Program for 2014 include a pilot program to provide yield-loss coverage for corn in the east central and southeast areas of Saskatchewan.
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Research shows converting land to agriculture reduces carbon uptake
University of Montana researchers examined the impact that converting natural land to cropland has on global vegetation growth, as measured by satellite-derived net primary production.
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