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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery November 19, 2013
Canadian researchers combatting Ug99
The research team, led by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Dr. Tom Fetch in Winnipeg, has identified three genes providing resistance to Ug99. Molecular markers are being developed and will be useful in wheat breeding efforts.
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Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator now available
The crop nutrient removal calculator (NRC) estimates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (expressed as P2O5), potassium (expressed as K2O), and sulfur (S) for a broad, and continually expanding, list of field crops.
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2013 Outstanding Young Farmers named
Grain farmers Michael Kalisvaart and his wife, Karen Jansen, from Gibbons, Alberta, along with dairy farmers James and Amanda Kinsman from Berwick, Nova Scotia are Canada’s 2013 Outstanding Young Farmers.
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Promoting post-secondary ag education
The Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation (CABEF) will award six $2,500 scholarships annually to students enrolling in a post-secondary agricultural degree or diploma program.
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