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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery September 11, 2013
Prevent insect infestations when storing grain
As the 2013 grain harvest gets under way, it is important for grain producers to take steps now to reduce potential insect infestations in stored grain, according to the Canadian Grain Commission.
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Importance of managing weeds in the fall
According to researchers at the University of Alberta, more than 7.7 million hectares of Western Canada farmland are infested with herbicide-resistant weeds, and the number is growing.
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Clubroot video series

Clubroot: Resistance, Soil Amendments, Bait Crops and Fumigation

Clubroot has become one of the most important diseases of canola in Western Canada. In a five-part series, we present information from Canadian plant breeders and scientists who talk about the disease, and who outline what they are doing to help control the spread of clubroot.

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How much canola seed will you need for 2014?
A compilation of stand establishment research shows that canola generally needs at least four to five plants per square foot to reach its yield potential, according to the Canola Council of Canada.
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Alberta Ag seeks producers to assist with bug surveys
The Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network is asking producers to assist them with their survey work. In return, these producers will receive a report back at the end of the year that will include information on what was found in their fields.
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Canadian farmland values reach record levels in 2013
While Canadian farmland values posted serious year-over-year increases in most rural communities, lower commodity prices are expected to temper appreciation in coming months, according to a report released Sept. 10 by RE/MAX.
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Canada may use satellites to measure crop size
Statistics Canada may scrap one of its annual farmer surveys on crop yields in favour of a report that uses satellite data to estimate production.
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