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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery June 5, 2013
Alberta climate and moisture updates available
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s AgroClimatic Information Service (ACIS) collects data from more than 350 stations throughout the province and provides farmers, ranchers and producers, access to meterological data and maps based on this data.
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Seeding in Saskatchewan progressing
Great strides were made in seeding progress this week with 67 per cent of the 2013 crop now seeded, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report.
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Heavy rainfall hampers seeding in Manitoba
Seeding progress by region varies from 80 to 95 per cent complete, with some areas within the regions not as advanced due to heavier rainfall amounts.
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Spring frost: assessing the damage
Frost hit some canola growing regions on the weekend. The Canola Council of Canada provides tips on how to assess the damage and how to move forward to ensure a successful crop.
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Cargill to expand rail capacity at Saskatchewan grain elevator
Cargill Ltd will double the rail-loading capacity at its Rosetown, Saskatchewan grain elevator and crop input facility to 100 rail cars.
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Intrepid 240F label expansion
Corn growers and horticultural producers can now use Intrepid 240F insecticide to protect even more crops against a wide variety of lepidopterous pests.
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