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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery May 8, 2013
Flower Insect forecast 2013
From early diamondback moth to the aster leafhopper that transmitted aster yellows disease, weird insect patterns in 2012 may forecast things to come in 2013.
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A head start on managing green seed
Green seed concerns may not be top of mind right now. But what you do in the spring might make a crucial difference to green seed counts in your canola crop at harvest time.
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Sask Ag implements youth leadership program
The Youth Leadership and Mentorship program is designed to help young producers gain the leadership skills and provide the networking opportunities needed to become future industry leaders.
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Manure analysis a sound investment for soil health
Blindly applying manure to a field is a lot like navigating a certain creek without a paddle – it doesn’t work. Producers need to know what’s in their organic fertilizer, and equally important, the availability of the nutrient load.
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Saskatchewan invests in water infrastructure
Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program helps farmers, ranchers, First Nation bands, rural municipalities and irrigation districts develop long-term, reliable sources of water and the related infrastructure necessary to support their agriculture businesses.
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