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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery February 27, 2013
CCC launches market access strategy
A report from the Canola Council of Canada outlines a long-term global strategy for canola market access, with a vision for how the Canadian canola industry and government can best work together to keep markets open and negotiate new market opportunities.
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NFU says Growing Forward 2 is inadequate
A National Farmers Union study contends Growing Forward 2 will accelerate globalization and stall food sovereignty.
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Subsidies ending for ethanol-based plants
Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver rejected calls from the industry to provide new money under Ottawa’s ecoEnergy program to ethanol or biodiesel firms looking to build plants.
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Marketing resource book for pulse and specialty crops
"The 20-Month Year: The Farmer's Perspective" covers all the main classes of lentils and beans as well as peas, chickpeas, three types of mustard, and birdseed.
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Water and agriculture in Canada report released
An expert panel says water and land resources in Canada can be more sustainably managed by developing forward-thinking policies, and effective land and water management strategies.
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