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Top Crop Manager
More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery February 20, 2013
Dealing with glyphosate resistance
Rotating herbicides is critical in meeting the challenges of glyphosate resistance; scientists are also working to identify cost-effective herbicides to control kochia.
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CWB announces final payments for 2011-12 crop year
Direct deposits will be made to farmers' accounts on February 26, while cheques will be in the mail by March 7.
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Sugar beets – an alternative to petrochemicals?
Government funding will help the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers study the use of sugar beets and energy beets in the production of bio-glycol and bio-butanol.
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Understand canola variety data
The Canola Performance Trial (CPT) program provides western Canadian canola growers with comparative data on leading and newly introduced varieties.
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