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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery July 8, 2014
Soybean popularity surges in Ontario
Ontario farmers have embraced soybeans like never before, planting a record three million acres this spring.
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Plant cover crops following cereal to improve soil
If you have not planted cover crops before, planting them following wheat or other crops harvested in late summer is a good place to start, advises Adam Hayes, soil management specialist (field crops) at OMAF, in the latest Ontario field crop report.
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Pesticide linked to bee deaths to be restricted in Ontario
Ontario intends to become the first province to restrict the use of a controversial pesticide linked to bee deaths, requiring farmers and other commercial growers to apply for permits to plant seeds treated with neonicotinoid insecticides.
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Principal field crop areas
As of June 10, Canadian farmers had either planted or intended to plant fewer acres of wheat compared with 2013, but larger areas of canola, soybeans and dry field peas, reports Statistics Canada in its June Farm Survey.
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CleanFARMS program returns to Ontario
CleanFARMS is working with Ontario farmers to find solutions for disposing of various on-farm waste with a pilot program for the disposal of empty seed and pesticide bags for farmers in southwestern Ontario.
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Predator vibrations trigger plant chemical defences
Experiments at the University of Missouri have proven a plant will respond to an ecologically relevant sound in its environment and will react with a chemical defence.
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