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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery May 13, 2014
Stop drift before it starts
Pesticide spray drift is the aerial movement and unintentional deposit of pesticides outside the target area. Drift cannot be entirely eliminated, but spray operators can greatly reduce the potential for pesticide drift.
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No need to switch to shorter-day soybeans
Soybean planting has been delayed this spring, but Horst Bohner notes there is no reason to consider switching to shorter-day varieties in the latest Ontario field crop report from OMAF.
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Can volunteer red clover be managed in soybeans?
When fall management fails to eliminate a red clover cover crop, what are the options to manage it ahead of soybeans?
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Thousands of Ontario farmers complete pesticide training
Pesticide safety was a priority for more than 5,400 farmers who completed the Grower Pesticide Safety Course this year, with another 200 Ontario vendors also passing the Pesticide Vendor Certification Course.
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Managed introduction of Enlist corn in Canada announced
Dow AgroSciences is conducting a managed introduction of Enlist corn in Canada in 2014. The introduction will take place under the company’s Canada Field Forward program.
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