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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery April 22, 2014
U of Guelph herbicide resistant testing results released
The University of Guelph’s herbicide resistant testing results are in, and according to OMAF weed specialist Mike Cowbrough, 86 per cent of all submissions sent from the 2013 season were resistant to a particular herbicide that had historically been effective.
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Flea beetle control tips for Ontario canola growers
Flea beetles are proving to be a tough opponent to control in Ontario canola crops. In 2014 growers may be able to gain the upper hand on control with access to a new seed treatment and management guidelines.
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Is Manganese limiting your Winter Wheat yield?

Are you noticing patches of yellowing plants with leaf striping? It might mean your crop needs foliar Mn. Excessively aerated soils with high organic matter and high pH often limit Mn uptake. Cool soils can prevent roots from supplying enough Mn during periods of rapid plant growth - even when soil samples haven't identified a deficiency. Foliar application can ensure enough Mn to correct deficiencies and maximize yield.

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Canola seeking sulphur
Canola loves sulphur, and many Ontario growers have been including sulphur as part of their standard fertilizer blends for years. Indeed, a canola crop can demand anywhere from 25 to 28 pounds per acre of sulphur annually.
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Mycogen Seeds adds three new soybean varieties for 2014
Mycogen Seeds is introducing three new soybean varieties with the Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait, for Ontario and Quebec growers.
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CropLife to assist in restoration of pollinator-friendly habitat
According to CropLife Canada, conservation of pollinators is a key element to protecting biodiversity, and that their daily work is essential for more than $1 billion of Canadian farm produce.
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