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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery February 18, 2014
Study assesses environmental impact of corn production
Researchers at the University of Guelph examined the energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with corn production in Ontario, and their findings have been published in the Agricultural Institute of Canada’s Canadian Journal of Soil Science.
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Demographic changes in Canadian agriculture
A new article from Statistics Canada indicates the structure of agriculture has changed significantly over the last two decades, with fewer but larger farms.
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Southern Ontario farmland prices have levelled out
The stunning run-up in farmland values that has pushed the price for an average 40-hectare parcel in Middlesex County to well over $1 million is finally showing signs of moderating, according to a real estate appraiser in London, Ont.
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A new tool for identifying soybean genes
U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers in Beltsville, Md., have developed a new tool to search for soybean genes, which they say will make soybean plants more productive and better able to resist pests and diseases.
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