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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery August 28, 2013
New agreement for marketing Ontario soybeans
A change has been made to the way soybean drying charges will be calculated under the Agreement for Marketing the Ontario Soybean Crop made under the Farm Products Marketing Act (O. Reg 485/09).
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Fungicides added to Ontario wheat trials
In 2010, fungicides were added to wheat performance trials for the first time in Ontario. Now, both managed and unmanaged data is available – something OMAF's Peter Johnson says is a huge win for producers.
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The right time to cut alfalfa
While it is always very tempting to cut some alfalfa in the fall, the decision should weigh the immediate need for forage against the increased risk of alfalfa winterkill and reduced yields next spring.
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Optimal swath timing for canola
The optimal swath timing for canola yield and quality is when 60 per cent of seeds on the main stem are showing some colour change. Seed colour change (SCC) is considered any amount of yellow or brown on the seed.
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