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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery July 31, 2013
Grain farmers battle beekeepers over pesticide ban
Grain Famers of Ontario is launching a public relations campaign to convince the province that a ban on pesticides suspected of being responsible for a major drop in the bee population is a bad idea.
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Ontario Farm Family Award recipients named
Ten Ontario farm families have been selected to receive the 2013 Ontario Farm Family Award.
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Website launched to fight anti-biotech movement
A group of biotech seed companies on Monday launched an online forum to combat mounting opposition to genetically modified foods among consumer groups and activists.
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Youth Ag-Summit to tackle global hunger issue
On Aug. 20, more than 120 young people from around the world will gather in Calgary, Alta., for a weeklong summit to tackle the issue of feeding a hungry planet.
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Pooping Canada geese may have spread GM wheat seeds
Canada geese may have spread viable seeds of genetically modified wheat grown at the Central Experimental Farm, documents from Agriculture Canada show.
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