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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery February 27, 2013
Water and agriculture in Canada report released
An expert panel says water and land resources in Canada can be more sustainably managed by developing forward-thinking policies, and effective land and water management strategies.
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Subsidies ending for ethanol-based plants
Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver rejected calls from the industry to provide new money under Ottawa’s ecoEnergy program to ethanol or biodiesel firms looking to build plants.
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Potatoes and diabetics
Developing potato varieties with more slowly digested starch – having a low glycemic index or GI – is now a goal of AAFC’s breeding program.
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Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. upgrades alfalfa plant
DEHY will again enter into alfalfa and alfalfa timothy contracts with farmers of "up to three years" to grow forages for the supply of the plant.
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