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Monsanto BioAg has single-action and dual-action inoculant products in peat and liquid formulations that help to improve your crops yield potential. These various products enhance or improve nitrogen fixation in your pea, lentil, or soybean crop. Read more on the benefits, application, storage, and best practices for this year’s peat and liquid inoculants...
Monsanto BioAg
March 28, 2018
By Monsanto BioAg

Monsanto BioAg offers solutions that help protect and maximize yield potential. Our diverse portfolio includes peat and liquid inoculants for your pulse and soybean crops. These products, TagTeam®, Optimize® ST and Cell-Tech®, can enhance or improve nitrogen fixation on your pea, lentil, or soybean crop and increase yield potential. Order your product today to ensure what you want is available!

For a customized inoculant approach, consult your local Monsanto BioAg representative or local retailer. Locate a sales rep

TagTeam® - Dual-Action Inoculant

TagTeam® is a dual-action inoculant that provides the balanced nutrition of phosphate and nitrogen by combining the active ingredient from JumpStart® with a nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The active ingredient in JumpStart is the soil fungus, Penicillium bilaiae (P. bilaiae). This fungus and the rhizobia in TagTeam inoculant work together to create a unique value equation.

Key Benefits:

• Improved nodule formation
• Increased nitrogen fixation
• Improved phosphate availability
• Enhanced nutrient availability, which supports root and shoot growth.

The product is available for your pea, lentil, and soybean crop. 

Monsanto BioAg TagTeam

Optimize® ST - Dual-Action Inoculant

Optimize® ST is a retailer-applied dual-action inoculant that contains a specially selected Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant along with LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology - helping to improve your crops potential by enhancing nutrient availability. LCO is a molecule involved in the rhizobia legume nodulation process. When the LCO molecule is present at the time of planting, it allows for the nodulation process to begin, independent of variety, soil, and environment conditions.

Key Benefits:

• Increased nitrogen fixation through nodule formation
• Elite strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and LCO to help with effective nodulation
• Enhanced nutrient availability, which supports root and shoot growth

The product is available for your soybean crop.

Monsanto BioAg Optimize ST

Cell-Tech® – Single-Action Inoculant

Cell-Tech® is a single-action inoculant that contains specially selected rhizobia that can provide effective nodulation to enhance nitrogen-fixation, even in cooler soils – increasing yield potential as planting conditions change.

The product is available for your pea, lentil, and soybean crop.

Monsanto BioAg Cell-Tech

Best Practices for Applying Peat Inoculants to Soybeans

As with any biological seed treatment, special considerations such as application methods and rates, compatibility and time on-seed must be adhered to. Read our Best Practices document for additional details on the best practices for applying peat inoculants.

Best Practices for Applying Peat Inoculants to Soybeans

Essential Storing and Handling of Inoculants
The active ingredients in our inoculants are living organisms and require specific storage conditions to ensure viability and product performance.
For helpful tips on the storage of different inoculant types (peat-based, granular, liquid) continue reading here... Essential Storing and Handling of Inoculants

For more information, contact your local retailer or Monsanto BioAg sales rep. 

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