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From the Editor: New tools for the toolbox

August 2, 2020  By Stefanie Croley

Photo by Alex Barnard.

When I hear farmers and industry members discussing solutions and strategies for their crop production woes, the term “silver bullet” – and more specifically, the idea that there’s no such thing as one – comes up more often than not.

Indeed, it’s been long known that the most successful years require a perfect storm of choosing the right variety, working under ideal weather conditions, using the correct products to combat any weeds, insect pests or diseases that crop up and executing all the right best practices. And unfortunately, as you well know, what might be the best combination for you this season may not work next year.

Farmers have an incredible number of resources at their disposal to help them make decisions, but there’s always room for more tools in the toolbox. Fortunately, as you’ll read in this special digital edition, the agriculture industry across Canada is continually working to improve and develop tools and strategies to help you protect your crops.


In addition to new information about pest and weed control in issue, you’ll read about new developments in the world of canola disease, including sclerotinia management strategies on pages 4 and 22, a clubroot map for the Prairies on page 6 and blackleg resistance on page 10.

Although perfect weather or growing conditions are never guaranteed, one thing’s for certain: innovation is a constant in the agriculture industry. We hope the articles you read in this digital edition are an encouraging reminder of that.

Stay tuned for our next summer digital edition, Top Crop Manager Focus On: Crop Nutrition, coming in July.


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