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New soybean inoculant launched by Lallemand Plant Care

August 18, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Lallemand Plant Care Canada introduces Lalfix ProYield Liquid Soybean to the Canadian soybean market. This new liquid soybean inoculant combines two unique strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria to enhance soybean growth and yield, and brings a new active ingredient to Canadian soils.

The two strains of Bradyrhizobium elkanii deliver more N-fixation through better utilization of the nitrogenase enzyme. This, together with efficient rhizobia, provides dense, early nodulation dispersed over the crown and lateral roots. The Delftia acidovorans solubilizes iron in the soybean rhizosphere and stimulates root and root hair development, helping the plant access more water and nutrients.

The unique combination of rhizobia elkanii and delftia delivers significant on-plant shoot growth, early greening and vigour to get soybeans off to a strong start and increase yield potential.


For more information about Lalfix ProYield Liquid Soybean, contact Scott Gray, commercial manager with Lallemand Plant Care Canada, at or visit


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