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New soybean, flax and sunflower varieties update

Seed companies continue to expand the potential for soybean production in Western Canada with earlier maturing and higher yielding varieties suited for short season areas. As soybean acreage on the Prairies moves past the one million acre mark, breeders have shown greater interest in developing varieties specific to Western Canada.  

Three new flax varieties are also rolling out for 2015, which may help restore the bloom to flax acreage in Western Canada. And Nuseed Americas, formerly Seeds 2000, is introducing two new sunflower varieties, including the first Express-tolerant confection sunflower hybrid.

The seed companies supply information on the varieties, and growers are advised to check local performance trials to help in variety selection. Listing is by crop heat units (CHU) for soybean, and alphabetical order for flax.

is a Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean variety with a maturity of 2275 CHU and excellent yield potential. This variety is soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistant, Rps 1c with excellent phytopthora field tolerance. 22-60RY is a very short, bushy line, which will stand well. It performs best on fertile soils with lower pH, and has excellent white mould tolerance. Available at your local DEKALB dealer.

NSC Moosomin RR2Y is an ultra early soybean variety (<2300 CHU) that is projected to be a game-changer by expanding the soybean market into areas with growing seasons currently considered to be too short or too dry. It is a compact, erect plant with short internodes and very dense podding. Good early vigour with excellent pod height despite shorter stature. NSC Moosomin RR2Y has demonstrated excellent yield potential (up to 50 bu/ac) in production fields. Available from NorthStar Genetics.

23-11RY is a Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean variety at a maturity of 2300 CHU with excellent yield potential. This variety has above average iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance and Rps 1c for phytopthora. 23-11RY is a tall variety that may lean and is a good compliment to 23-10RY with more height. Available at your local DEKALB dealer.

Akras R2 is a new soybean variety from Elite in the medium/early (2375 CHU) group that has shown itself widely adapted and a top performer in trials. It is early enough to be suited to production into Saskatchewan and western and northern areas of Manitoba. It has also outperformed many of the late maturing varieties in the Red River valley over the last two years of MCVET trials. Akras is a semi-bushy plant with medium height and excellent podding height for easy harvest. It has the Rps 1K gene with very good field resistance against phytopthora. It has good tolerance to white mould and is semi-tolerant to IDC. Available from BrettYoung.

Hero R2 is a Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield oilseed soybean, bushy to medium-bushy for wider row spacing. It is rated at 2375 CHU and offers good yield potential in an early maturing soybean. Hero R2 is rated as semi-tolerant to IDC. Available from SeCan.

 LS Northwester is an early maturity (2375 CHU / 0.02 RM) soybean that is very tall with a high pod set. It is a bushy plant that works well in narrow or wide rows. This variety is a good choice for all soil types as it has very good IDC tolerance so it works well in soils with higher pH levels. LS Northwester has very vigorous emergence so it works well in no-till applications, and it has a very high yield potential, especially for an early variety. Available from Legend Seeds retailers.

 McLeod R2 oilseed soybean combines very early maturity and good yield potential. It is a 2375 heat units (HU) Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean with excellent podding height, upright growth habit and a medium-bushy plant type. McLeod R2 has a tolerant rating to IDC. Available from SeCan.

 NSC Gladstone RR2Y is a bushy plant with very aggressive growth habit with maturity rated at 2375 HU, making this variety an ideal fit for soybean growers looking for an early variety while using planters or wider row spacing. It yielded equal to the mid-season check in 2013 public trials. Excellent complement for long-season variety growers who want to spread harvest and maturity risk. Available from NorthStar Genetics.

PS0035NR2 is a high yielding Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean variety rated at 2375 CHU. It has a great combination of strong SCN resistance and above average IDC tolerance, and excellent standability and disease tolerance. This variety has good plant height with excellent canopy. It is a very consistent and reliable variety for early- and mid-season growing areas. Available from PRIDE Seeds dealers.

TH 35002R2Y is the earliest soybean in Quarry Seeds’ Thunder line up and will be available for the first time in 2015. Seed availability will be limited. Its rated maturity is 0.02/2375 CHU. TH 35002R2Y is showing very good yield for its maturity. It is a semi-bush plant with very strong IDC tolerance. Available from Quarry Seeds retailers.

NSC Tilston RR2Y is an early-mid season soybean variety, rated at 2400 CHU. It has excellent early vigour and is very tall with excellent pod clearance and exceptional standability. NSC Tilston RR2Y was a top performer in public trials in terms of both yield and maturity compared to other varieties where conditions were particularly cool – which may be due to its cold tolerance. Available from NothStar Genetics.

24-11RY is a Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean variety at a maturity of 2425 CHU with excellent yield potential. This variety has very good phytopthora field tolerance. 24-11RY is a tall, branchy product that can lean, and is well suited to heavier soils. Available at your local DEKALB dealer.

NSC Sanford RR2Y is a tall, semi-bush mid-season soybean variety (2425 CHU) for Manitoba. In 2013 MCVET trials, it yielded 107 per cent of NSC Elie RR2Y, which it will replace in NorthStar Genetics’ portfolio. Very limited availability in 2015 from NorthStar Genetics.

P008T70R is a new high yielding Roundup Ready soybean variety rated at 2475 CHU, with very good harvest standability for ease of harvest in Western Canada. It is a large seeded soybean that provides excellent yield for the maturity and the potential increase in bushel weight. Available from all local Pioneer Hi-bred sales representatives across Western Canada.

P008T22R2 is a new high-yielding Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield (RR2Y) soybean variety rated at 2475 CHU. It provides excellent standability and plant height for ease of harvest. In areas with high potential for white mould infections, it provides moderate tolerance against this devastating disease. Available from all local Pioneer Hi-bred sales representatives across Western Canada.

Company news
Monsanto Canada continues to work on the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System, which consists of two primary components: an innovative new trait, as well as glyphosate and dicamba chemistry options. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans contain a dicamba-tolerant trait stacked with the proven performance from the Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean trait and technology. This stacked soybean product can help deliver higher yield potential through improved weed control by offering tolerance to both dicamba and glyphosate. Allowing the use of dicamba to be incorporated into soybean weed management programs introduces an additional mode of action for enhanced weed control of both tough broadleaf and glyphosate resistant weeds. The addition of dicamba adds extended residual weed control by up to 14 days, allowing greater flexibility and convenience.

Monsanto hopes to have a full launch for the 2016 growing season with a broad maturity range of soybean varieties available in the launch year.

AAC Bravo
is a new flax variety with a yield potential of up to 104 per cent of CDC Bethune. It has an MR/G rating to powdery mildew and Fusarium wilt. AAC Bravo provides a large seed size with short straw, good lodging resistance and great standability. It’s available at FP Genetics retailers.

CDC Glas flax is seen as a replacement for CDC Bethune. It offers improved standability over CDC Bethune and a 105 per cent yield advantage in the Black soil zone (104 per cent average of CDC Bethune over all zones). It is rated as one day later and has slightly smaller seed than CDC Bethune. Available as re-constituted seed from SeCan.

 CDC Sanctuary flax is viewed as a replacement for CDC Bethune in the Brown soil zones, averaging 105 per cent of CDC Bethune in the drier areas of the Prairies. CDC Sanctuary is three days later, slightly taller and has slightly weaker straw than CDC Bethune. Available as re-constituted seed from SeCan.

9180 DMR
is the “first to market” Express-tolerant confection sunflower hybrid. It also has resistance to downy mildew. Available from Nuseed Americas.

Talon is a new oilseed hybrid. It is an extremely uniform, early maturing, Express-tolerant NuSun oil hybrid. Because of its large, plump kernels, it is perfectly suited for the dehull/kernel market. Processors have placed it on their “hybrid preferred” list. Available from Nuseed Americas.


December 3, 2014  By Bruce Barker

Soybean breeders continue to push the frontiers of production in Western Canada. Seed companies continue to expand the potential for soybean production in Western Canada with earlier maturing and higher yielding varieties.


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