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New seed treatments registered in Canada

Sept. 29, 2014 - Valent Canada Inc. recently announced that Nufarm Agriculture Inc. has been appointed the exclusive distributor of NipsIt seed treatments for on-farm use in Canadian markets.

NipsIt INSIDE is an insecticide seed treatment, containing the active ingredient clothianidin. NipsIt INSIDE offers Canadian wheat growers unmatched protection of key insects, including wireworms, through contact and super-systemic activity. NipsIt INSIDE stays in the seed/root zone longer than other insecticide seed treatments due to its lower water solubility.

NipsIt SUITE is an all-in-one seed treatment offering, containing the fungicidal active ingredients metconazole and metalaxyl, and insecticidal active ingredient clothianidin. Metconazole is a new fungicide seed treatment which provides superior protection against key seed and seedling diseases incited by seed-borne and soil-borne fungal pathogens such as the bunt and smut fungi, seed rot and seedling diseases caused by Fusarium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani. This ready-to-use seed treatment offering will provide growers superior systemic control of both fungal diseases, as well as the insect protection seen with NipsIt INSIDE. NipsIt SUITE gives growers healthier plants, more uniform stand and increased yield.



September 29, 2014  By News release


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