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New Saskatchewan ethanol plant to help grow beyond oil

An ethanol plant in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan began production of ethanol today, with the potential to produce 150 million litres of ethanol annually.  The Terra Grain Fuels facility will also produce 163,800 tonnes of dried distillers grains for livestock feed.

August 12, 2008  By Marketwire/Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

August 12, 2008

Ottawa, ON -The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association today congratulated Terra Grain Fuels on the commencement of ethanol production at its facility in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan. The plant can produce up to 150 million litres of ethanol annually and 163,800 tonnes of dried distillers grains. Distillers grains are a co-product of wheat and corn based ethanol that are used as a high-protein livestock feed.

"This new Terra Grain Fuels plant shows the true promise of ethanol in Canada. It adds to our fuel supply, and it helps agriculture by creating a new market for farmers and a new supply for livestock feed," said Gordon Quaiattini, President of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. "This $150 million facility will also boost the local and regional economy, reduce greenhouse gases, and help moderate prices at the pump for drivers. Terra Grain Fuels is helping Canada grow beyond oil."


The federal government recently passed a landmark biofuels bill which will require 5% renewable content in gasoline by 2010, and 2% renewable content in diesel fuel by no later than 2012. According to Natural Resources Canada's GHGenius lifecycle model, this federal renewable fuel standard will result in a 4.2 megatonne reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions – the equivalent of removing over one million cars and their CO2 emissions from Canadian roads, every year.


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