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New research, development projects to receive $2 million

July 8, 2015 - The governments of Canada and Manitoba announced today they are investing more than $2 million over three years to support 24 research and development projects in Manitoba's agriculture and agri-food sector.

The funded projects cover a range of agricultural issues including animal and human health, on-farm production technologies and opportunities for value-added industries, and include:
• the effects of late planting on early-maturing soybeans,
• management strategies to control insecticide-resistant Colorado potato beetles,
• Fusarium head blight resistance in barley,
• the long-term market effects of feeding and vaccination strategies for beef cattle,
• genetic markers for flavour selection in pork, and
• hemp consumption and human health trials.

In addition to the federal and provincial funding, applicants and funding partners are providing cash and in-kind contributions of approximately $3.6 million. Partners include agricultural businesses, commodity groups, the Western Grains Research Foundation and university and government researchers.


July 8, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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