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New pea and lentil inoculant

June 10, 2013, Winnipeg, MB - A new inoculant for pea and lentil is now available in Canada. XiteBio PeasRhizo is a premium, ready-to-use liquid pea and lentil inoculant available as a convenient all-in-one package formulation for on-seed application.

XiteBio PeasRhizo works in three ways: i) introducing optimum numbers of nitrogen fixing Rhizobium into the soil, ii) invigorating the natural soil microflora, including the native rhizobia, and iii) creating synergy between them. PeasRhizo promotes growth and yield, and in field trials increased average pea yield by 2.2 bu/ac (17 per cent).

According to XiteBio Biotechnologies Inc., improved crop vigour and yield increases have been consistently reported by the farmers, university scientists and private researchers who have tried and tested XiteBio PeasRhizo across the pulse growing regions in the United States and Canada.

XiteBio PeasRhizo for pea & lentil joins XiteBio SoyRhizo for soybean as the outstanding options for Canadian producers from XiteBio Technologies and its Canadian distributors.


June 10, 2013  By Top Crop Manager


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