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New Outshine broadleaf herbicide for cereals

Jan. 20, 2015 - Adama Canada announces the registration of Outshine broadleaf weed herbicide.

Outshine herbicide provides cereal growers with broad-spectrum weed control from three active ingredients and two modes of action. For tough broadleaf weeds like cleavers, chickweed, hemp-nettle, kochia and wild buckwheat, Adama's newest herbicide, Outshine, gives cereal growers a better way to control weeds.

According to a company news release, in the Black, Gray and Dark Brown soil zones, chickweed, cleavers and hemp-nettle can be challenges that Outshine can clean up. In the Brown soil zones, it can take on kochia, flixweed, wild buckwheat and smartweeds. Outshine is also able to control kochia that has developed resistance to Group 2 and Group 9 (glyphosate).

Outshine contains the active ingredients florasulam, fluroxypyr and MCPA ester. Florasulam is a Group 2 herbicide, and fluroxypyr and MCPA ester are Group 4 herbicides. This combination of active ingredients provides broadleaf weed control including Group 2 resistant cleavers, hemp-nettle and kochia. And with control of red root and Russian pigweed, smartweed and wild buckwheat, Outshine cleans up on a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds for cleaner fields and higher yields.

Outshine is registered on spring and durum wheat, and barley. Application timing is from the two- to six-leaf stage, allowing growers to go in early to eliminate weed competition. Outshine can also be tank-mixed with grassy-weed herbicides for one-shot weed control. Tank mixes include Assert on spring and durum wheat and barley, Axial in spring wheat (not durum) and barley, and Everest on spring and durum wheat.

Wheat, barley, oat, canola and pea can be planted the year following an Outshine application, and there are no re-cropping restrictions the second year after application.



January 20, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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