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John Deere has introduced four new models of 7030 series tractors ranging from 140 PTO to 180 PTO horsepower. These row crop tractors offer more power, option flexibility and44e1 productivity than the models they replace.

November 16, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

John Deere has introduced four new models of 7030 series tractors ranging from 140 PTO to 180 PTO horsepower. These row crop tractors offer more power, option flexibility and productivity than the models they replace. Here is the new lineup:

  • the model 7630, 6.8 litre ( engine, 140 PTO horsepower;
  • the model 7730, 6.8 litre ( engine, 152 PTO horsepower;
  • the model 7830, 6.8 litre ( engine, 165 PTO horsepower; and
  • the model 7930, 6.8 litre ( engine, 180 PTO horsepower.

The tractors feature the responsive, cleaner burning 6.8 litre PowerTech Plus engine with a rated speed of 2100rpm. These engines deliver a 40 percent torque rise and 10 percent power bulge to muscle through tough field conditions. The new optional Intelligent Power Management provides up to 30 additional engine horsepower for use in transport or non-stationary rear PTO operations. The Intelligent Power Management system ensures consistent performance in transport and rear PTO operations.

There are three transmission options available with the 7030 series tractors. The 16 speed, 19mph PowrQuad Plus transmission is base equipment for all models. This transmission features clutchless, push button shifting of gears in each range. For more automatic performance for ease of operation or faster transport speeds, the AutoQuad Plus or Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) are available at a 25mph or 31mph transport speed. These transmissions are designed to improve operator efficiency and to increase transport speed to get more done in less time. The AutoQuad Plus transmission allows operators to manually shift gears, or program the tractor to automatically shift speeds within each range using the CommandCenter. With 'auto' mode activated, whenever the engine load increases and engine revolutions per minute decreases significantly, the transmission will automatically down shift until the correct gear is found to maintain optimal engine revolutions per minute and ground speed. This ensures that the tractor is consistently operating in the most efficient gear to save fuel and time.

With the IVT, speeds can be adjusted infinitely from a creeper speed as slow as 165 feet per hour (0.03mph) up to maximum transport speed without clutching. Also, the IVT is now available with full right hand controls or a left hand reverser and right hand speed selector. Hydraulic performance has improved on the 7030 series tractors. A 32 gallon per minute flow rate is standard equipment. For more demanding hydraulic applications, a new pump provides 45 gallon per minute flow. The higher capacity pump will be useful in many planting/seeding operations. The tractor will raise the implements quickly and turn at the headlands with ease.

Electro-hydraulic selective control valves (SCVs) are standard equipment with IVT. In the past, only manual control levers for SCVs were offered on the PowrQuad Plus and AutoQuad Plus transmissions. There are push button controls for the hydraulic system, time and flow rates, using the TouchSet hydraulics panel (only available with EHSCVs). Mechanical SCVs with traditional lever controls are included with the manually shiftable 'quad' transmissions for economically minded producers, but EHSCVs will now be available on all transmissions for more convenient operation of tractor implements.


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