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New inoculant system for soybeans

Dec. 10, 2012, Saskatoon, SK - Preinoculating soybeans just got easier, thanks to a new inoculant system that delivers BioStacked results with the convenience of longer days on seed survival.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has granted the registration of Nodulator PRO and HiStick PRO. Both can be used as liquid BioStacked inoculant systems for soybeans that include the benefits of rhizobia and root disease suppression when used in combination with INTEGRAL, a PMRA registered liquid biofungicide. Now, the products are available as a combined system, providing a convenient 60-day window for "on seed survival" of rhizobia.
"This new registration brings an effective one-two punch to professional seed treatment applicators by offering the benefits of high quality Becker Underwood soybean inoculants with the Conditioner product in the same package," says David Townsend, Product Manager with Becker Underwood. "It provides flexibility in bulk seed treatment application."
Adding to the convenience, Nodulator PRO and HiStick PRO inoculant systems require approximately 50 per cent less application volume thanks to a novel formulation which is delivered in a new and exclusive package system.
"The packaging involves technically advanced features to keep the crucial nitrogen-fixing rhizobia as viable and robust as possible before application to the seed," says Townsend. "The packaging also allows for lower volume of product to be applied, which means less drying time, and it makes it easier to work with."
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December 10, 2012  By Becker Underwood


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