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New herbicide for Ontario and Quebec soybean growers

Feb. 6, 2014, Mississauga, Ont. – DuPont Crop Protection has released a new herbicide for the 2014 growing season for Ontario and Quebec growers. 

Freestyle is meant to deliver broad-spectrum control of key annual grass and broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-tolerant weeds such as dandelion and late-germinating weeds like Eastern black nightshade, according to a company press release.

Each compact 20-acre case of Freestyle contains a 20-acre jug of DuPont Classic Grande and a 2.5 litre jug of DuPont Imazethapyr 240 SL herbicide. "Growers can mix Freestyle with their glyphosate of choice for a systemic and residual burndown in GT soybeans," the release added.

February 6, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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