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New farm data management tool for Canadian growers

Feb. 18, 2016 - BASF has introduced Compass Grower Advanced, the next generation in farm data management, to address Canadian growers' need for a comprehensive system to improve decision making, profitability and address consumer-driven food trends.

BASF and Affinity Management, a software and business solution provider, developed Compass Grower Advance in response to customer's requests for a one-stop, fully-integrated farm data management system that allows growers to plan crops, test profitability scenarios and improve decision making on their farm. This is confirmed by the findings of a November 2015 survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs of 500 large to mid-sized Canadian growers.

According to BASF, key findings of the Ipsos survey on farm data management include:
• Only 42 per cent of Canadian growers currently use a data management system
• Two-thirds of growers without a system rely on pen and paper
• Eighty-four per cent of growers surveyed say a fully integrated data management system would be valuable
• Growers rated the following as the top reasons that a farm data management system is valuable: (Note: those surveyed could provide more than one response, meaning totals do not add up to 100 per cent)
  - Profitability scenarios – 41 percent
  - Improved decision making – 39 per cent
  - Crop planning – 37 per cent
  - Organizational efficiency – 30 per cent
  - Benchmarking performance compared to past years – 28 per cent
  - Traceability – 21 per cent
• Seven in 10 growers would like a farm data management system that has mobile and integration capabilities

Based on the Microsoft platform, Compass Grower Advanced is fully mobile and integrates accounting, crop plans, grain inventories, crop input applications, soil sampling, yield maps, contracts and more into one comprehensive system.


February 18, 2016  By Top Crop Manager


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