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New dry matter analyzer for silage harvesting

July 23, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Ag-tech company Consumer Physics is introducing SCiO Cup – a portable, lab-grade forage dry matter analyzer. The smartphone-operated device enables frequent dry matter analysis of feed. In addition, SCiO Cup can be used in-field for planning silage harvest timing at optimal moisture levels.

“We bring lab-level accuracy to the farm with added simplicity,” said Terry Allen, Consumer Physics’ North American head of business development. “The process is instant and simple – fill up SCiO Cup with green chop or silage, click the button once, and get results on your phone within ten seconds.”

SCiO Cup supports dry matter analysis of chopped corn silage (green and ensiled), legumes silage, grass silage, small grains silage, and mixed silage. Silage calibrations are continuously updated in the cloud to ensure seasonal and regional accuracy. SCiO Cup also enables users to track past dry matter results, and trends across time, per field or feed bunker/pit.



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