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New crop service introduced in Canada

May 29, 2013 - A new service will be offered to Canadian growers starting this June. The GEOSYS Crop Health Monitor service tracks a farmer's crop progress in all his fields and provides weekly electronic report to help the farmer and his retailer manage the crop. These reports provide an in-depth look at crop progress across the country, in each region, over each farm, in each field, and even areas within each field.

The information provided by the new service helps farmers and their team of experts to make better decisions. For example, where do I start to scout? The advanced technology used by GEOSYS can spot differences between fields and inside fields that are not yet evident to the human eye. Prioritizing where a scout needs to go first can help farmers respond faster to a developing situation.

According to Dave Norris with GEOSYS, until now, farmers had to rely on their own ability, or their crop scout's ability, to track what was going on in the field. "They had to do the analysis or rely on ground-based agronomists or experts."

Norris notes the addition of this new spatial technology will change the way fields are managed with more objective data gathered from above a field. "Our new Crop Health Monitor service allows farmers and their agronomists to quickly identify where crops are not growing as expected, or where they are exceeding expectations. Then they can respond according to the situation, for example, by sending scouts to the right areas of a field or planning for applications to meet the growing needs of the crop."

Select Canadian retailers will offer a trial version of this service during June to help growers understand the value of the information and how it can help them provide a higher level of service. Farmers should contact their ag retailer for more information about the new GEOSYS Crop Health Monitor service and ask for details on the special offer.


May 29, 2013  By Top Crop Manager

The new GEOSYS Crop Health Monitor service provides a summary picture with a color-coded comparison among fields indicating crop health. Green indicates those fields that are tracking ahead or better than average The GEOSYS Crop Health Monitor service tracks a farmer’s crop progress in all his fields


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