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New combine harvester from Challenger

Aug. 24, 2012, Duluth, GA - Challenger, a global brand of AGCO, introduces new 500C Series combines that set a higher standard for harvesting capacity and fuel efficiency compared to previous models, thanks to a redesigned crop inlet and threshing system, plus new in-line positioning of the industry-leading AGCO POWER 9.8-liter seven-cylinder engine. Both the 540C [Class 7] and 560C [Class 8] combines offer 350-bushel bin capacities and best-in-class peak unloading rates of 4.5 bushels per second.

“The new 540C and 560C combines feature an all-new multi-zone crop inlet that improves capacity and control of crop material in the segmented rotor and concave sections, which we’ve also redesigned,” says Kevin Cobb, product marketing manager, combines. “These changes, along with the repositioned engine, boost throughput, reduce power needs and dramatically improve overall efficiency of the power train, reducing fuel use.”

The redesigned threshing system includes twelve modular concave sections. This allows one person to easily change out the individual concave sections with a choice of three options and fine-tune the machine for optimal threshing performance. Consistent threshing is delivered by the new H-frame-designed concave support system, which keeps concaves concentric with the rotor throughout the adjustment range, but also includes a unique suspension system to allow large “slugs” of material to pass through without plugging or damage.

Tier 4i engine with AGCO e3 technology for more power, less fuel

The AGCO e3 technology in the AGCO POWER 9.8-liter, seven-cylinder engine provides outstanding fuel efficiency compared to other Class 7 and Class 8 combines. Advanced e3 clean-air technology minimizes fluid costs by varying the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) rate based on real-time emission measurements.

Horsepower ratings at 2,100 rpm for the 540C is 370 HP (276 kW) with an unloading boost of 426 HP (318 kW) and ratings for the 560C are 460 HP (343 kW) with an unloading boost of 502 HP (374 kW), respectively.

Fuel efficiency gets even better by turning this impressive power plant 90 degrees, so the engine is in-line with the rotor. As a result, 500C Series combines achieve an engine-to-rotor transfer efficiency that tops 90 percent. In-line engine positioning offers several other advantages, including requiring fewer moving parts, which reduces servicing needs and downtime.  

The new engine alignment also makes room for the V-Cool cooling system, which draws air into the system from the cleanest part of the machine — at the top of the combine. The V-Cool system is designed with a variable-speed, reversing fan, which blows chaff and dirt off the inlet screen. The “smart” V-cool system measures ambient air temperature, as well as temperatures of machine functions, then operates at the optimum speed needed to maintain proper cooling. This reduces power and fuel needs, especially on cooler fall days. And because the cooling elements are not stacked, as found on conventional designs, chaff is not trapped between coolers. This virtually eliminates the need for cleaning the cooling elements during the harvest season.

Standard, optional features to enhance performance

With the growing popularity of navigation systems, Challenger 500C Series combines will arrive on dealer lots guidance-ready from the factory. Optional Nightbreaker HID and LED lighting puts plenty of attention where it is needed during late hours in the field. A heated and cooled operator’s seat provides extra comfort on both cool fall days as well as warmer days earlier in the harvest season. Factory-installed video-ready options for up to four Ag Cam cameras help the operator monitor hard-to-see areas for convenience and safety.

The Challenger 500C combines will be on display and in the field at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, and at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Neb. For more information about these combines, see your local Challenger dealer or visit


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August 24, 2012  By AGCO

The Challenger 500C Series combines deliver harvest capacity plus fuel efficiency AGCO has introduced the new 500C series of combine harvesters that boost harvesting capacity and fuel efficiency.


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