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New canola variety in trials this summer

Jan. 9, 2013, Winnipeg, MB - TruFlex Roundup Ready canola is a new Monsanto Canada canola, the first novel biotech trait in canola to be introduced to Western Canadian farmers since 1996. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada granted full food, feed and environmental safety approval to the new trait in June 2012 and Monsanto anticipates a commercial preview to farmers in 2014.

TruFlex Roundup Ready canola will serve as the base platform on which all future Monsanto pipeline traits in canola will be stacked.

Monsanto says TruFlex Roundup Ready canola will deliver higher yields through a combination of enhanced weed control that provides more effective and consistent control of both annual weeds and tough-to-control perennial weeds, and through increased flexibility provided by a wider window of application at higher rates under more challenging weather conditions.

In a news release, the company claims dandelions, foxtail barley and wild buckwheat are some examples of perennial and annual weeds that will have improved control with the new TruFlex system. As well, increased application rate allows for control of a much wider spectrum of weeds, with the ability to control new weeds such as yellow foxtail, biennial wormwood and common milkweed.

TruFlex Roundup Ready canola will also enable farmers to apply Roundup WeatherMAX in-crop at a rate of 1.33 litres/acre for a single application or 0.67 litres/acre for two applications. This is well over double the rate of application with the existing Genuity Roundup Ready canola system - all with improved crop safety. And with the added benefit of a wider window of application that extends past the six leaf stage all the way to the first flower (or approximately 10 to 14 days longer than current commercial technologies), farmers will have more flexibility to manage their in-crop applications.

Stewareded demonstration trials of TruFlex Roundup Ready canola will start this summer, leading to an anticipated commercial preview in 2014.

January 9, 2013  By Marketwire


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