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New canola option for Brown, Dark Brown soils

Mar. 13, 2013, Regina, SK – Viterra has released a new canola seed option for Western Canada's Brown and Dark Brown soil zone. XCEED Hybrid, VT X121 CL, is a canola quality Brassica juncea hybrid with the Clearfield tolerance trait.

According to Viterra, performance information from last season demonstrated a 20 percent higher yield than past open pollinated XCEED varieties. "This hybrid provides improved yields, better tolerance to heat, drought, and a reduction in green seed that results in more predictable yield stability," says Tom Kubik, Viterra's XCEED breeder. "A big benefit of XCEED is the option to straight-cut the crop; this saves both time and fuel during the busy harvest season."

Research trials conducted in 2012 showed that XCEED Hybrid, VT X121 CL has yield potential equal to Brassica napus Clearfield hybrids in the same soil zone. In addition, XCEED qualifies for natural, expeller-pressed oil premiums.

A small volume of XCEED VTX 121 CL will be available to Canadian farmers for 2013 planting.


March 13, 2013  By Viterra


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