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New Brunswick farmers return 13,000+ kilograms of pesticides

May 3, 2013, New Brunswick – New Brunswick farmers turned in more than 13,000 kilograms of unwanted or obsolete pesticides for safe disposal last year as part of CleanFARMS.

The program took place at 12 ag retail locations across the province through the end of October and into early November where farmers brought in 13,370 kilograms of product.

Since the program began in 1998, CleanFARMS reports that New Brunswick farmers have turned in more than 30,860 kilograms of obsolete or unwanted pesticides for safe disposal.

After collection, the pesticides are taken to a licensed waste management facility where they are safely disposed through high-temperature incineration.

The obsolete pesticide collection program generally comes to the province every three years and is free for farmers to participate in. In between collections, farmers are asked to safely store their unwanted pesticides until they can properly dispose of them through the obsolete pesticide collection program.

May 3, 2013  By Top Crop Manager


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