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New BASF herbicide for lentils, peas, soybeans and corn

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency registered BASF’s new Heat Complete pre-seed/pre-emerge herbicide for use on lentils, field peas, soybeans and corn in Canada for the 2019 crop season with the label expansion of one of the components.

November 15, 2018  By BASF

Heat Complete’s two modes of action – Group 14 and Group 15 – provide broad-spectrum burndown of tough weeds, including cleavers, volunteer canola, kochia and wild buckwheat, as well as extended residual activity on key broadleaf and grass weeds such as redroot pigweed and wild oats, allowing for better efficacy of growers’ in-crop applications.

“Through this [Advanced Weed Control] Program, we provide Canadian farmers with a complete weed control and resistance management strategy by using multiple modes of effective action, residual weed control and herbicide layering,” said Dan Packer, pulse crop manager with BASF Agricultural Solutions Canada. 

In addition to Heat Complete, the Advanced Weed Control portfolio includes Heat LQ, Solo Ultra, Odyssey Ultra NXT, Viper ADV, Engenia and Armezon.


For more information on the use of Heat Complete in the 2019 crop season, contact AgSolutionsÒ Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273) or visit

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