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Manitoba provides grain drying installation guides

August 26, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

With 2019’s soggy harvest fresh in many minds, a grain dryer might seem like a wise investment. The Government of Manitoba and the Office of the Manitoba Fire Commissioner have created checklists and an information sheet for grain dryer installations.

The information provided by Manitoba Inspection and Technical Service (ITS) (linked through the KAP website) focuses on certification and inspection of crop dryers. They state that ITS is attempting to reduce red tape and streamline services around crop drying. Inspection availability during peak season will be extended.

In turn, they have provided a list of steps that must be completed before an inspector will certify the dryer. While the list is not exhaustive, the requirements it contains provide a solid base for inspection preparation.


The checklist provided by the Fire Commissioner features considerations for installing a grain dryer. It provides information on determining fuel type and requirements, obtaining the necessary permits, and selecting a certified grain dryer.


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