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Manitoba grain and oilseeds report shows flaxseed, oat prices up significantly year-over-year

March 22, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

The most recent grain and oilseeds report for Manitoba shows some decrease in open market prices week-over-week, although all prices are still up year-over-year.

The report, issued for the week ending March 18, showed the biggest week-over-week drop for flaxseed. With a current weekly price of $1,288.12 per tonne, that represented a week-over-week drop of $115.74. However, flax prices are still up nearly 60 per cent from the same week in 2021 ($807.83).

There were other small week-over-week decreases in canola (down $3.09 to $1,099.21), corn (down $5.12 to $381.87), soybeans (down $1.84 to $711) and red winter wheat (down $1.47 to $428.07). All other prices increased, including oats and peas, both of which saw week-over-week increases of more than one per cent.


All open market prices are up over their prices one year ago, with the most significant year-over-year increases being in oats (a 131 per cent increase to $621.83 per tonne), flaxseed (up 59 per cent to $1,288.12 per tonne) and canola (up 48 per cent to $1,099.21 per tonne).


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