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Manitoba grain and oilseed report shows increase in prices from January 2021

February 2, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

The latest weekly Manitoba Markets report on grain and oilseed prices (released for the week ending Jan. 28) shows that despite a double-digit, week-over-week drop in the price of western red spring, all of the province’s grain and oilseed prices are above their price at the same time last year, in some cases, significantly.

Western red spring is valued at $10.83 per bushel or $397.94 per tonne. Although that represents a week-over-week drop of $25.35 per tonne, this week’s price is still well above its price the same week in 2021. Approximately one year ago, the price per tonne was $267.13.

All listed commodities showed increase in price per tonne over last year. The most significant growth was in oats #2CW ($632.86, up from $275.58), flaxseed #1CW ($1,466.46 up from $766.49), northern hard red wheat ($411.90 up from $266.39) and red winter wheat ($410.43 up from $263.82).


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