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Manitoba final crop report for 2013

Oct. 16, 2013, Winnipeg, MB - The province of Manitoba has released its final crop report for the 2013 crop year. Some of the highlights:

  • Provincially, harvest of spring cereals is estimated at 95 per cent complete, canola 85 to 90 per cent complete, flax 50 to 60 per cent complete, edible beans 100 per cent complete, soybeans 90 per cent complete, sunflowers 25 per cent complete and grain corn 15 to 20 per cent complete.
  • Crop yields in Manitoba were generally above average in 2013, largely due to timely precipitation during the growing season, moderate temperatures during flowering, and low levels of disease pressure. However, lower yields were reported in areas impacted by extreme weather events during the growing season, such as high rainfall amounts and hail.
  • Crop quality for majority of crop types is average to above average, due to lower than normal disease pressure and good weather conditions during harvest. Acres that were harvested later in the season are seeing a decrease in quality due to weathering.
  • The number of winter wheat acres seeded in fall of 2013 is expected to be down from 2012, due to a delayed harvest which reduced stubble availability for seeding winter wheat into, above average yields and quality of spring wheat, and changes to AgriInsurance coverage. Germination and stand establishment of winter wheat is better than last year, rated at good to excellent.
  • Fall field work, including tillage, soil testing, post-harvest weed control and fertilizer applications of anhydrous ammonia is on-going.
Read the full Manitoba Crop Report.

October 16, 2013  By Top Crop Manager


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