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Manitoba Agriculture launches Fertilizer Efficiency Calculator

February 2, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Manitoba Agriculture has released a new Fertilizer Efficiency Calculator, which allows producers, agronomists and industry partners to assess financial benefits quickly and easily and improve beneficial fertilizer management practices.

Producers are faced with historically high fertilizer prices, highly variable grain prices, an increased focus on the environmental impacts of fertilizer use and the need to integrate, recalibrate and optimize all these variables in order to maintain farm profitability.

A properly fed crop generally is the most profitable. Rather than cutting fertilizer rates, growers should look to increased fertilizer use efficiency. Spring banding requires less fertilizer than fall broadcasting for the same relative fertilizer requirements. Efficient fertilizer application can often save $15 to $30 per acre without jeopardizing yield potential.


For more information on fertilizer costs and efficiency, and access the new Fertilizer Efficiency Calculator, visit


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