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MAFRI crop report July 22

July 23, 2013, Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives released their latest crop report July 22. Highlights include:

  • The Southwest Region experienced another strong weather system containing winds, heavy rains and hail. To date, impact to crops includes lodging and some hail damage with assessments on-going. Damage to shelterbelts and farm infrastructure has also been reported.
  • Hail, strong winds, and heavy rains were also reported in the southern areas of the Central Region; crop damage reported to date includes lodging and leaf defoliation.
  • Favourable weather conditions in other areas of Manitoba are advancing crops, as well as allowing crops impacted by earlier excess moisture to continue their recovery.
  • Insect activity, including grasshoppers, green cloverworm, bertha armyworm and diamondback moth, continues to be monitored in several crop types with control measures taking place where required.

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July 23, 2013  By MAFRI


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