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Lygus bugs still a concern in Manitoba

Aug. 22, 2014 - Lygus bugs levels in Manitoba have been high in some canola fields, although many fields are now beyond the stage where Lygus bugs can be of concern, according to the latest Manitoba insect and disease update. If there is brown-green mottling in the seeds in the lower pods, or complete colour change, then the crop will no longer be at risk of injury from Lygus.

With warm conditions continuing and with rainfall deficit in many area of Manitoba, many crops are showing effects, such as poor growth on corn, sunflowers and soybeans. Plants are stunted and foliage is desiccating and leaf drop has been seen in soybeans.

Diseases favoured by high humidity appear to have stopped in their tracks; but plants with root rots will now start showing up. Scattered heavy showers in parts of Manitoba may have provided some respite.




August 25, 2014
By Top Crop Manager