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Larger combines, more powerful tractors unveiled

S SeriesAug. 26, 2011 -Pledging to do more to increase farmers’ productivity, John Deere has unveiled its new line-up of combines, tractors and specialty farm equipment for 2012, including combines with larger corn heads and high horsepower four-wheel drive and track tractors.

August 26, 2011  By John Deere/Top Crop Manager

Aug. 25, 2011 -Significant improvements in power, comfort and performance are the hallmarks of the newest machines from John Deere, which completed the public unveiling of its new agricultural equipment for 2012. The event represents the largest, most significant production introduction in the company’s 174-year history, including the S-series combines with larger corn heads. Also topping the line-up are high-horsepower four-wheel drive and track 9R/9RT tractors, 6R series row-crop tractors and 5 series utility and specialty tractors.

S Series  
The S-series combines from John Deere, featuring larger corn heads and platforms.
Photos courtesy of John Deere.


“Across the board, we’ve increased the power and added many features to our new equipment that will make farmers even more productive, wherever these machines are used,” says Barry Nelson, manager of media relations for John Deere Ag and Turf Division. These products extend the company’s portfolio of equipment products for use in all types of farming, livestock and specialty crop operations. “This is the strongest line-up of new ag products ever from John Deere.”

S Series  
The track 9R tractors provide high horsepower and greatly extend John Deere’s portfolio of farm equipment.


In addition to new combines, headers and tractors, the company recently introduced its new 7R series tractors for the row-crop market, along with its largest, most advanced self-propelled 4940 sprayer with a 1200-gallon solution tank, 120-foot booms and advanced loading and application technologies.


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