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Keep it Clean is sharing pre-harvest tips in upcoming webinar

June 27, 2024  By Top Crop Manager

Keep it Clean is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, July 10 at 11 a.m. CDT to share important on-farm pre-harvest practices with Canadian farmers. As a a joint initiative of the Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada, Pulse Canada and the Prairie Oat Growers Association, Keep it Clean was created to provide growers and crop advisors with resources that help them grow crops that meet the standards set by importing countries.

“Applying a product like pre-harvest glyphosate for weed control too early can result in unacceptable product residues in harvested grain, which can lead to non-compliance or shipment rejections,” says Greg Bartley, director of crop protection & crop quality for Pulse Canada. “Using glyphosate according to label directions and only applying it once grain moisture is less than 30 per cent in the least mature part of the field will help keep this valuable tool available for growers and reduce market risk. This is one of the key practices that will be covered during the webinar.”

Register for the webinar here.


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