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John Deere introduces new sprayer for large farms

June 4, 2014 - John Deere has introduced the R4045 Sprayer, which replaces the company's 4940 Sprayer. The new R4045 Sprayer features a 346 horsepower Final Tier 4 PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L engine with four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can operate at 25 MPH spraying/spreading and 35 MPH in transport. For liquid applications, it comes with a 1,200-gallon solution tank and option of 90, 100 or 120-foot dual swing-link suspension, flat-fold booms that can apply up to 230 gallons per minute with a high-flow pump and dual flow meter.

The sprayer can be converted to a dry nutrient applicator by installing a high-capacity 200 or 300-cubic foot New Leader dry spinner spreader.

The R4045 shares a similar frame and chassis design, as well as the standard and premium CommandView™ II plus cab options, as its R4030 and R4038 family members. This includes a more spacious cab with more glass for greater visibility, the high-backed ComfortCommand™ Seat and redesigned CommandARM™ with integrated GreenStar™ 3 CommandCenter™ display for finger-tip control of all machine operations. The cruise control feature allows the system to automatically control the vehicle to the operator's target speed when the operator sets the engine speed and hydro handle at maximum positions.

The Load Command™ system can fill the 1,200-gallon tank in as little as three minutes, and the factory-installed front fill option makes loading the machines much easier and convenient with 3-inch Quick Fill couplings.

The R4045 Sprayer equipped with the Solution Command System comes with the Target Fill feature, allowing the operator to input the desired fill level (min. 150 gallons) using the numeric keypad. Target Fill consists of a tank level sensor inside the tank, the appropriate software and a micro display that shows the actual volume in the solution tank during the filling process.

Optional features of the R4045 include the Direct Injection system, standard end cap aspirators at the end of each spray section to reduce nozzle turn-off time, and the boom air purge system to help purge out additional product during change over. The new tri-directional breakaway tip sections and full-boom breakaway features help protect the booms, and the number of boom sections has been increased to improve spray resolution by up to 33 per cent.

The GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display features increased memory, a touch-screen interface, video capabilities and is ISOBUS compatible. It comes loaded with Field Documentation, Map-Based Prescriptions, On-Screen Mapping and other applications.

Other integrated technologies that further enhance productivity include AutoTrac™, John Deere Section Control, John Deere Mobile Weather and AgLogic™. JDLink™ is available and enables Remote Display Access, Service ADVISOR™ Remote and Wireless Data Transfer. These are all part of the John Deere FarmSight™ experience available through local dealers to help customers more efficiently utilize their machines.

For more information on the new John Deere R4045 and other 4 Series Sprayers, visit or see your local John Deere dealer for details.


June 4, 2014  By Top Crop Manager

The new R4045 Sprayer comes with a 1 New R4045 sprayer is the largest and most productive in Deere’'s 4 Series self-propelled sprayer lineup.


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